Jan. 01.

The Power of Music

There is truly power in music. Many people have been transformed by music, whether singing, playing, dancing, writing or just listening. It can evoke emotion, inspire, bring healing or create the desire to move.

With just one song, moods can change, hope can be rediscovered or  healing can take place. We can be sad, mad, frustrated depressed, ill or hurt and suddenly with the gift of a melody or a few lines of a verse, our thoughts and feelings can change. Some music may bring your energy level up just by hearing beats that make us move.  It can also give you the motivation you need whether it’s to exercise, clean up the house, get a project done or just take a break to let loose and have fun.

Sometimes we may hear a song that reminds us of a specific time. When we hear the song, our minds go back to the place or feelings we had when we heard it before.

We must use the power of music that God has given us.  It is truly an amazing gift that has been used since times of old and will continue forever. Young David in the bible used his harp to bring peace to King Saul. In 2 Chronicles 20 the singers and musicians went before the army into battle. They were on the front lines!  In Revelations 15:2, those who overcame evil had the harps of God in their hands.  We must keep positive music in our armory as a weapon against things that bring us down. Through one song, you can begin to smile, have hope, move, remember moments and before you know it, you’ve been touched by the power of music.

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